Whale Videos


Sunrise on the water

Here are some videos that we captured in 2014.


NASCAR Nemo, the whale who went in circles around us (2 min)


Patches the Dolphin, Riding the bow of the Hornblower Adventure (30 sec)

Risso’s Dolphins, on the edge of the Mexican waters (30 sec)

Bottlenose Dolphin, clearly showing off his stuff (1 min)


Sunset on the Ocean

These videos are from the whale watching boat. All were filmed off San Diego in 2013.


Fin Whale (28 sec)

Blue Whale (54 sec)

Group of Blue Whales (2 min 30 sec)

Far Too Close to a Gray Whale! (1 min 15 sec) and Far Too Close From Another Angle (1 min)

Three Gray Whales Fluke (1 min)

Gray Whales Frolic (1 min)

False Killer Whales in our wake (1 min)

Other Animals

Closeup of 2 Bottlenose Dolphins (7 min 20 sec)

Large Pod of Common Dolphins (2 min)

Mola Mola (12 sec)


Sunset in the bay

Here are a few more items you might find worth watching:

Interesting Sights

Carrier Carl Vinson enters San Diego Bay (1 min 45 sec)

Navy Submarine Sea Wolf on the surface in the Pacific Ocean (35 sec)