Welcome to the 1000 whales in 1 year website – or in shorthand, that’s 1kin1yr.com!


This site focuses on our adventures with enormous marine mammals off the California coast in 2013-2015. Scottie, Kim, Dennis and Mike saw exactly 1167 whales within 10 miles of home, in our first season of Whale Watching. We were stunned!


This completely-unexpected accomplishment prompted us to create a 100-page book describing our adventures. That book is the summary of our year, but also includes tips for successful whale watching, wherever you might go.


We share our adventures with the marine life, but also talk about lots of other interesting sights around San Diego’s coastline, and the challenges of being out on the water with 100+ other people every day.

Since we bought annual memberships with Hornblower Yachts and Events, our lives have been changed and rearranged. We’ve met dozens of people and had loads of fun. You can do this too, with Hornblower or one of the other fine whale-watching companies in San Diego. We happen to prefer San Diego Whale Watch and Pacific Nature Tours as our alternate providers. And no, they’re not paying us to say that.


Since we finished the book, another full year has gone by, and by now Scottie has spotted over 3000 big whales (not counting dolphins). The rest of us have fallen behind, as we don’t go out as much as he does (who could!?) You can see many of those whales on this site.


We all found whales, but Scottie kept track in a journal. Kim drew what she saw. Dennis connected with the captains. Mike took pictures and wrote up the story. This website reveals some of our findings.


You can look at pictures of whales, view some videos, read a few pages of our book on finding whales, and order your own book.


If you just want to see our San Diego area whale-counting statistics for 2013, here they are:

whale counts
We averaged 4.4 whales per trip, and had an 85% success rate in finding big whales when we went out looking for them. Those numbers have held steady and we can assure you that about 9 out of 10 visits to San Diego can result in whale sightings.

Would you like to buy a book?  You have several choices.
1. Contact us here: info@1kin1yr.com
2. Take a trip on the Hornblower whale watching boat in San Diego Harbor, and buy our book from them with their special cover:


3. If you have an Apple computer, we have a video-enhanced version of the book. Click right here from your iPad or iMac to get  1000 Whales for iPad and iMacs.


4. Or see us on the water and ask us:


This is where we will be on a typical day off the coast of San Diego, watching the dolphin leaping and gulls flying:

Day on the water

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Thanks for reading!